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TV3 is aimed at the 18-49 market. Privately owned by Canwest, a Canadian company, it revels in its image of being ‘not-TVNZ’, the state owned broadcaster of TV ONE and TV2.

Although it struggled for ratings in its early years (it started in 1989) it now commands a respectable audience and has worried TVNZ by its strong ratings for ‘3 News’ in the large and wealthy Auckland market.


3 News


To a demonstration of the 3 News graphics (not the actual opener) please see and right click on the word ‘HERE’ to download. (This is a temporary solution until I record it).

Campbell Live


Screening 7pm weeknights straight after 3 News, Campbell Live (named after its host, John Campbell) goes head to head with TV ONE’s Close Up in the ratings battle by seizing on the push-button hot topics of the day grabbed from the headlines.

To see the opening titles, go to and right click on ‘HERE’ to download.

February 6 ’06

Hot sun, summer in the city but we Kiwis are traipsing reluctantly back to work and school. We’ll be too knackered to do much after our exertions except laze on the couch (and maybe have the odd BBQ or two), so the channels launch their new seasons now. TV3’s marking the occasion with new-look menus, junctions, astons and promo graphics, appearing from February 5. Funnily enough, I’m on holiday this week but I’ll record them on my return. In the mean time, what are they like? Well, see TV3’s ’squares’ in its logo above? Imagine them as three dimensional and bright blue, unfolding out like oragami to reveal words, etc.



3 Responses to “TV3”

  1. Liam Says:

    Bring Family Guy back to TV3

  2. My Satelite TV Says:


  3. Comedy Central Says:

    American Dad on Comedy Central

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