What’s ONE like? For Brits, think BBC One with a zestful, cheeky dash of Channel 4 thrown in, for Americans think NBC’s reputation with the scope and imaginativeness of PBS. Aussies? ABC mixed with Ten.

ONE’s NZ’s oldest surviving channel, it punches heavy in the ratings game by dint of its familiarity across generations and it once being the channel that automatically came up when you switched your TV on.

It is broadcast by TVNZ, and is complimented by its sister channel, TV2. ONE screens TVNZ’s news.

For video clips, see the TV One Category




One News has a revamped look from 23 Jan ’06, coinciding with the reintroduction of dual newsreaders (Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie) for the main 6pm weeknight bulletin.


The revamp is part of an offensive by ONE to increase ratings in the major Auckland metro market, which have slipped in favour of its 6pm rival on TV3, 3 News, which many regard as a less stodgy, funkier and ‘not-the-state-broadcaster’s’ product. The reality? The story line-up from night to night is pretty much the same on both channels, even down to their placing within the bulletin, and I reckon ONE offers a meatier bulletin at the weekends. So it really comes down to whether you like the newsreaders and presentation. Oh and of course the above-mentioned ‘hip’ status 3 News has at present in the metro markets. 

The new tagline for ONE News is ‘ONE News. Your news.’ As a state-owned broadcaster, ONE’s parent TVNZ is obliged to emphasise and promote Kiwi culture. The ‘Your news’ concept ties in with that.

There’s a push to increase viewer contributions to the programme by making it easy to submit amatuer digital and video images and contact the newsroom with story tips- see ‘Your cam’

Te Karere

A 15 minute long news bulletin in the Maori language (te reo), broadcast weekdays around 6.10am and 4.30pm. Entire bulletins can be viewed online at

Old ONE identities


The ‘eyeball’ idents were ONE’s look in the early noughties. Idents went inside people’s minds and bodies (like a glittering X-ray) and ended up zooming in on a person’s eye.



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