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Te Kaea (News)

February 19, 2006

Te Kaea Open MPG 37.1MB

Te Kaea Weather MPG 10.7MB


One News

February 19, 2006

The new look One News began on January 23. One News Open MPG 20.8MB 

The weather graphics haven’t changed. One News Weather & Close MPG 90.8MB

Clips are almost ready

February 19, 2006

With huge thanks to John in Aussie the clips are almost ready in Real Media format. In the meantime I’ve included links to the mpg files on the relevant category pages in the hope you may be able to view them- a warning, though, the uncoverted files are MASSIVE so unless you’ve got a decent broadband connection I would wait until the Real Media files are available soon. Stay tuned.

TV3 marks ’06 new season with new graphics

February 6, 2006

TV3 logo.jpg 

Hot sun, summer in the city but we Kiwis are traipsing reluctantly back to work and school. We’ll be too knackered to do much after our exertions except laze on the couch (and maybe have the odd BBQ or two), so the channels launch their new seasons now. TV3’s marking the occasion with new-look menus, junctions, astons and promo graphics, appearing from February 5. Funnily enough, I’m on holiday this week but I’ll record them on my return. In the mean time, what are they like? Well, see TV3’s ‘squares’ in its logo above? Imagine them as three dimensional and bright blue, unfolding out like oragami to reveal words, etc.