Te Kaea (News)

Te Kaea Open MPG 37.1MB

Te Kaea Weather MPG 10.7MB


4 Responses to “Te Kaea (News)”

  1. elliott Says:

    Hey, are you coming back ? 🙂

  2. Noema Kiri Bristow Says:

    Kiaora Te Kaea I wish to find out about if I can please receive an interview segment which I myself was interviewed by one of your interviewees. The interview was about the new setting up Maori Nurses Training runned by TE KUPENGA O HOTUROA. I myself is one of the students that were powhiried onto TE PUEA MARAE MANGERE BRIDGE ON THE FRIDAY 2ND OF FEBRUARY 2007. Could you please SEND ME AN E-MAIL OF THE INTERVIEW THAT WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED.

    I am now attending Manukau Polytechnic training for Bachelor of Nursing in 2007.


    Noema Bristow
    (Student under TE KUPENGA O HOTUROA.)

  3. Noema Kiri Bristow Says:

    A mistake in my hotmail address, it is cutzeegurl@hotmail.com

  4. marqueritemaynard6 Says:

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