G’day, Kia Ora, Talofa lava!

If you’re wondering how TV channels in New Zealand promote and identify themselves on screen, then this is the place to be.
on_the_box_b.jpg  06_02_02_tv2.gif  TV3 logo.jpg  c4Logo1.gif  prime_logo.jpg mtvlogo.gif 

Feb 4 ’06- The cabling is sorted and the computer’s been given a damn good thrashing a few times, and I’m rearing to go, after a little help from those in-the-know (John and Chris)! Over the next two weeks I’ll record some of the basics- idents, news openers, etc. Some may be in mono, others in stereo, but I’ll work for all-stereo eventually.

(Copyright and ownership of all logos, images, programmes and taglines remains with the respective broadcasters, TVNZ, TV3 & TV4 Mediaworks, Canwest, Prime TV and Maori Television. Those featured on this site are purely for entertainment purposes only and not for commercial use except by those broadcasters above.)


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